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I use Gentoo Linux both at home and at work. Every so often I hit some snag and I'd like to detail the fix here both for my benefit and to possibly help anyone else having a similar issue.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

keypad is wonky in nano

For a while now on multiple Gentoo boxes I've had an issue where the keypad keys function as if the NumLock was off even when it was on. If I tried to type a 0 it would kick off "insert from file" function. A little searching on Google revealed the following from the nano manpage:
 -K (--rebindkeypad)
Interpret the numeric keypad keys so that they all work properly. You should only need to use this option if they don't, as mouse support won't work
properly with this option enabled.
To fix this system-wide for everyone, just add the following to /etc/nanorc (or, on Gentoo, uncomment the line as it's probably already there:

## Fix numeric keypad key confusion problem.
set rebindkeypad
Alternatively, add the line to your ~/.nanorc.

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